Riesling Majestätswein Falk

Riesling Majestätswein Falk

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Riesling "Majestätswein", dry, 13,5% alk, Winery Falk

229 Kč incl. VAT

189,26 Kč

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Producer: Weingut Falk

The emperor Franz Joseph I. once tasted Riesling from this vineyard and described him as an "outstanding" wine. That is why it was named in honor of the emperor - "Majestätswein".

It has a fruity aroma of peach, delicately spicy flavor and balanced acidity.

A typical Riesling, one of the best in this area. Why do you think the Emperor liked it ...?

Residual sugar: Dry
Variety: Riesling
Region: Weinviertel

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