Weinviertel DAC Tagwerker

Weinviertel DAC Tagwerker

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Weinviertel DAC Johannesbergen, dry, 12,5% alc., Winery Tagwerker

199 Kč incl. VAT

164 Kč

Warehouse number: 24

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in stock: 1 pcs

Producer: Weingut Tagwerker

Very well made Veltliner meets without any doubt the criteria for inclusion in the appellation Weinviertel DAC.

Yellow to golden color. From lemon scent up to sweet honey tones. Fruity taste with lively acidity is well complemented by hint of pepper typical for this variety. The wine is from the harvest of premium vineyard Johannesbergen.

Residual sugar: Dry
Variety: Grüner Veltliner
Region: Weinviertel

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