Blaufränkisch "Leithakalk" Hans Moser

Blaufränkisch "Leithakalk" Hans Moser

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Blaufränkisch "Leithakalk", dry, 13% alc., winery Hans Moser

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Warehouse number: 71

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Producer: Weingut Hans Moser

A higher class of typical Blue Frankish from Burgenland, the darker ruby color matured in a large wooden barrel made of Austrian and/or German oak. In the smell: stone fruit and delicately sweet blackberry. The taste is medium-bodied, with fine tannins, leaving the scent of red cherries.

A typical representative of her variety from the Leitha Mountains well accompanies stronger meat dishes - venison and meat from the grill.

Wine awarded with silver medal at Prague Wine Trophy 2018.

Residual sugar: Dry
Variety: Blaufränkisch
Region: Burgenland

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