Sankt Georgen Hans Moser

Sankt Georgen Hans Moser

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St. Georgen, dry, 12% alk., winery Hans Moser

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453,72 Kč

Warehouse number: 87

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Producer: Weingut Hans Moser

This variety, along with Tramin, is one of the "parents" of the flagship of Austria's Greener Veltliner. For centuries it was considered lost, but in the 1990s the last shrub - after about 500 years - was rediscovered on a slope above Sankt Georgen. Live and unique wines are produced here by the wine-maker Hans Moser, who, due to his experience and erudition, was asked by Austrian genetics and enelogy to save this variety.

The result of the effort after about 25 years came in the form of this wine. Apart from the fact that this variety is unique as a rarity itself, it is also an excellent wine in terms of consumer claims. Yellow color with slightly green tinge, spicy in taste. The wine is very complex, in the opinion of the winemakers from first tastings from all over the world even the strong burgundy wines can compete this wine.

And why is it called "Wine"? All the necessary steps are still being taken to ensure that this variety is officially included in the Austrian Wine Catalog. Until then, it must be called as "White Wine" :-).

Residual sugar: Dry
Variety: Blend
Region: Burgenland

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