Privat Cuvée Sax

Privat Cuvée Sax

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Privat Cuvée, dry, 13,5% alc., winery Sax

219 Kč incl. VAT

180,99 Kč

Warehouse number: 113

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Producer: Winzer Sax

Blend of red varieties - 80% Zweigelt, 20% Blue Portugal (Blauer Portugieser).

The color of this wine is darker ruby to purple. In the aroma dominate a fruity sensation thanks to Zweigelt - ripe cherries to plums, thanks to lying on a large-volume barrel, we can also find sweeter tones of cloves and vanilla. Portugal adds light refreshing tones of freshly cut grass to the scent. In taste, this wine is lively, fruity with a predominant component of stone fruit (cherries), lingering on the palate in tones of forest fruits. Thanks to the presence of Blue Portugal, the taste is more noticeable, but well-balanced tannins and a certain spiciness.

Medium to longer archival potential.

Ideal for stewed beef cheeks with root vegetables.

Residual sugar: Dry
Variety: Blend
Region: Kamptal

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