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For years we go to Austria for both business and leisure purposes and we are big lovers of wine. We have been interested in wines for many years also from a professional point of view and we are holders of the Wine Course Certificate of Prague Wine Academy. Austrian wines are light, refreshing, young, sparkling, and according to us it is an immense shame that this amazing wines stand somewhat in the shadow of those "better-known" from other parts of the world.

Therefore, we decided to address small, but experienced and capable Austrian winemakers - especially from the wine region Weinviertel - whose wines are not imported in the Czech Republic until now at all. Because these are in all aspects excellent wines produced with the latest technology under strict Austrian (and European) standards, we want to introduce these jewels of Austrian vineyards also to you, our customers.

Why to buy Austrian wines from us?

Why to buy Austrian wines from us?

We visited all the winemakers, whose wines we like to offer here on our websites, we met with their wine-making practices and we recognized what is different from other wineries. We personally tasted their wines, and here we offer the best from their production. These are exclusive, but light and fresh wines for very attractive prices.

So: Cheers! Zum Wohl!

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