Burgenland is the most important wine region in Austria. Visitors to this small part of Austria have a large opportunity of tasting wine, because excellent wine is produced in each Burgenland village.


Vineyards in central Burgenland, south Burgenland, around Lake Neusiedl, and the Neusiedl lakeshore occupy about 15,000 hectares of vineyards. Excellent soils, warm Pannonian climate and Neusiedler See as heat storage and air moisture regulator are almost ideal conditions for growing grapes.

Spicy dry white wines are created on the local limestone soils, and the production of modern red wines is also developing here. Microclimatic advantages with the regulatory influence of the lake are an incentive for the extensive planting of Frankovka and Zweigeltrebe. In addition, French varieties of Cabernet and Merlot are also suitable for combining with local red wines. In the beautiful autumn weather, full and long-lived red wines with a fruity structure can be expected every year.

DAC Appelation

A special feature of this wine-growing region is that in addition to the famous sweet wines there are both aromatic and extract-rich red wines as well as excellent white wines. Especially Blaufränkisch or Cuvées with Blaufränkischanteil can be found in the DAC areas Leithaberg DAC, Mittelburgenland DAC, Eisenberg DAC, Rosalia DAC and in Rust. Zweigelt, however, is in the wine region Neusiedlersee DAC; also in the Rosalia area. White wines are mainly in the wine region Leithaberg DAC.


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