The Burgenland Region

Weingut Hans Moser, Eisenstadt, Burgenland

Winery Hans Moser
The winery has been known since 1648 for the farming at vineyards on the slopes of the Leitha Mountains. His philosophy is the production of wines with an unmistakable character for a given variety year after year. It uses the different soil nature and microclimate of the Leitha Mountains, allowing the growth of white, red and sweet wines in high quality. The emphasis here is, as in the whole region, on red wines. They are processed and manufactured in several quality - and price - ranges, exactly according to the customer 's needs.
And the motto of this winery? "The production of wine on the Leitha Mountain is our philosophy and livelihood for generations!"

Weingut Markus Schuller, Oggau, Burgenland

Winery Markus Schuller

The vineyards of this family winery are located near the town of Oggau, near Lake Neusiedlersee. This region was created perhaps just because of good wine. Lots of sun, low hills, enough rain (but not too much), the ideal climatic regulator called Neusiedlersee and various kinds of soil. An impressive offer of red wines typical for Burgenland is complemented by several exceptionally well-groomed white varieties.


Artisan Winery, Halbturn, Burgenland

Artisan Winery

This winery from Burgenland manages its vineyards around the wine-growing village of Halbturn, east of Lake Neusiedlersee, a short walk from the Hungarian border. The wine production emphasizes the high share of manual work both in the vineyard and in the processing of grapes, and secondly in the combination of modern technologies with traditional methods. The training of wines on oak and acacia barrels also plays an irreplaceable role in the production of red wines. The result is amazing, in the case of white lively and juicy, in red varieties turn fragrant and soft wines for more than competitive prices.


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