Wine selection

What wine to choose for what?


When? At the beginning of dinner or lunch.
Sparkling wines!

Combination I

For what? Salads, fish, various modifications of chicken and seafood.
What? Dry white wines!

Combinations II

For what? Hard cheeses and aromatic cheeses of Gorgonzola type
What? Semi-drysemi-sweet white wines, of more pronounced taste and smell or partially maturated in oak barrels for a pleasant evening.

Warning: not suitable for the type of Camembert cheese - when consumed simultaneously with white wine, the wine receives bitter taste in your mouth.

Combinations III

For what? Red meat, game meat, sauces, chocolate ... Suitable for some modifications of the viscera meat and cheese with noble mold (Camembert)
What? Red wines!


When? You've had a rough day or the weather is too hot, or both together?
What? Chilled rose wines. (Served with ice is no problem.)


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