How to cool a wine

Temperature of serving wines

Temperature of serving wines

Wine at the right temperature highlights its taste and smell.

Basic rules:

  • Overcooled wine will close and we did not savour anything.
  • At the warm wine the strong taste of alcohol is dominant and wine is unbalanced.
  • To enjoy all noble qualities of wine we need to cool adequately prior to serving, preferably about 2 °C below. After pouring into a glass the wine reaches the ideal temperature that promotes the harmony of the wine.
  • The correct temperature of wine is an important factor for the assessment of its quality. We fill up finished or almost finished glasses.

 And here the temperature specification of all wines:

  • Sparkling wines and apreritifs 4-8 °C
  • Sweeter white wines 8-12 °C
  • Dry white wines 9-11 °C
  • Rosé wine 10-13 °C (it can also been served at the lower temperature especially in hot summer days)
  • Semi-sweet and light young red wines 13-16 °C
  • Sweet, older and heavy wines 16-19 °C

Note! There is no such thing as a "room" temperature - it is a myth. The wine just needs to be cooled down properly, and even red wine. Even the best red wine kept at a too high temperature can be completely "killed" – you will never enjoy it. (Example: What happened to us in Tuscany, where we ordered the bottle of Brunello di Montalcino for 55 Euros to venison meat, that was served in "surrounding" temperature. However, given that there was just everywhere around over 30 ° C, the wine was really not drinkable. So that really not like this!)

A few pointers related to the winetemperature at the end:

  • To reduce the temperature, you can use the fridge, but never give wine with ice! Wine ice cubes suffer shock and lose the expressiveness, aroma and blanches. (An exception is the administration of rose wine on hot days - see above).
  • Served wine tempered as slowly as possible to avoid thermal shock.
  • When heating, use no more than lukewarm water, not boiling or microwave. Wine takes time.
  • We can measure the temperature with a thermometer, a plunge into the middle of the bottle. Specially manufactured thermometers are hung by the neck so that they do not touch the walls.


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