What type of glasses?

The wine in the right glass tastes better!

Wines should be served in principle in glasses made of clear glass, where we can accurately assess the color and clarity of wine. Cut or otherwise decorated and painted glasses are not suitable. Glasses should have a thin stalk and while drinking we do not hold it fundamentally on the wall to avoid warming the wine. We do not pour wine more than halfway down the glasses, the ideal amount is about 1.5 dl.

For white and rose wine we use glasses of elongated shape with a slightly closed top (like a blossoming tulip) so wines better keep a lower temperature.
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For red wine we choose a glass of a rounder shape, the top is more wide, so that wine gets into the greater contact with walls of glass and thus the full aroma of wine can develop.
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Sparkling wines are best enjoyed from narrow tall glasses called Flute, which can best highlight the sparkling of wine and keep a lower temperature.

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