Exceptional wines from Austria

Wines from family wineries – a piece of Austria in your home.


Closed restaurants and bars?


We have a lucky seven: until the end of October, before your favorite bar or restaurant is opened again, you have a 7% discount on the entire range of order!





We recommend from our e-shop:

  • Riesling Ried Loiserberg Kamptal DAC Reserve Sax

    Riesling Loiserberg Kamptal DAC Reserve, dry, 13,5% alc., vinery Sax

    WINNING WINE Exclusive

    349 Kč incl. VAT

    288,43 Kč

    Warehouse number: 64
    Availability: In stock

  • Grüner Veltliner Zwillingslauser Kamptal DAC Sax

    Kamptal DAC, dry, 12,5% alc., vinery Sax


    229 Kč incl. VAT

    189,26 Kč

    Warehouse number: 110
    Availability: In stock

  • Sauvignon Blanc Fegerl

    Sauvignon Blanc, dry, 12% alc., Winery Fegerl


    249 Kč incl. VAT

    205,79 Kč

    Warehouse number: 96
    Availability: In stock

  • Zweigelt Premium "Edelberg" Dworzak

    Zweigelt Premium "Edelberg", dry, 13% alc., winery Dworzak

    WINNING WINE Exclusive

    239 Kč incl. VAT

    197,52 Kč

    Warehouse number: 95
    Availability: In stock

  • Cuveé Rubin Wimmer

    Cuveé Rubin, dry, 13% alc., Winery Wimmer

    239 Kč incl. VAT

    197,52 Kč

    Warehouse number: 33
    Availability: In stock

  • Cabernet Sauvignon Fegerl

    Cabernet Sauvignon, dry, 13% alc., winery Fegerl

    WINNING WINE Exclusive

    349 Kč incl. VAT

    288,43 Kč

    Warehouse number: 35
    Availability: In stock

  • Chardonnay DAC Hans Moser

    Chardonnay DAC Scheibenberg Leithaberg, dry, 13,5% alc., winery...

    WINNING WINE Exclusive

    329 Kč incl. VAT

    271,90 Kč

    Warehouse number: 86
    Availability: In stock

  • Riesling "Premium" Wimmer

    Riesling, dry, 12,5% alc., winery Wimmer

    WINNING WINE Exclusive

    269 Kč incl. VAT

    222,31 Kč

    Warehouse number: 74
    Availability: On request

  • Neusiedlersee DAC Artisan

    Neusiedlersee DAC, dry, 13,5% alc., Artisan winery


    219 Kč incl. VAT

    180,99 Kč

    Warehouse number: 94
    Availability: In stock


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